1st Anniversary of the Aquarium of Seville

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Next September the 30th  the Aquarium of Seville celebrates it´s first anniversary, and to celebrate it they have organized a series of free activities directed to all the public’s, that were developing from September 26th until October 2nd. Also, from September 28th until October 2nd, all the tickets to the aquarium will cost 8 euros.

The week of the anniversary will begin on September 26th with a volunteer day in Doñana. An activity organized by the Aquarium of Seville and the Association Man and Territory, with the collaboration of the Natural Space of Doñana, buses Rosabús and Solocanarias, which will be realized thanks to the support of the Foundation Biodiversity (Department of Agriculture, Feeding and Environment) inside its Program Beach, River, Volunteer and Care of the Territory.

On Sunday, the 27th of September two activities.. At 12:00 the children of the house will be able to enjoy the storytalling  of our pet “El Gran Viaje de Chelo”, and at 18:00 a workshop “what do the sea animals dress themselves?”.

On Monday, the 28th of September and Friday, the 2nd of October the activities programming will devote itself to the sharks. At 13:00, the visitors of the Aquarium will be able to learn along with our educators all the secrets of these animals, while our Aquarists feed in the Oceanarium. In the evening, to 17.30h., the sharks workshop will develop in the area of “giant octopus”.

On Tuesday, the 29th of September and Thursday, the 1st of October the visitors will have the opportunity to visit the technical area of the Oceanarium and to know how our Aquarists prepared for the immersions in the tanks. A free visit for the first 15 persons who sign up to every meeting.

On Wednesday, the 30th of September we will celebrate our first year of opening with a street band for the centre of the city in the morning. In the evening, at 18:00, the team of the Aquarium along with Chelo, our pet, we will blow of the sails with a birthday cake and a gift Sloppy Joe’s restaurant.

On Thursday, the 1st of October will be completed by an activity in collaboration with the National Festival of short movies  and music for movies of Seville “Cinemablue“. Across its Blue Experiences the movies and the marine world will fuse projecting the movie “Shark“. Also there will be a chat in which there will be analyzed the details of the shooting, the points of view of its authors and the later struggle in favor of the sharks.

To finish the week of the anniversary of the Aquarium will participate in the “Noche en Blanco” opening its doors on Friday, the 2nd of October of 20:00 to 02:00 h, and selling the tickets at 50 %off.  The persons who come to visit us will be able to enjoy a very special trip along with the Magallanes crew, as well as a concert of music of the group “Moondance“ in the Puerto de la Delicias, between other activities.


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