What a tourists most values when they arrives to a new destination is the advice of someone who lives in that city, they like to know what they have to visit, where to eat, what to order….  

Seville Guide  would give you the best local´s recommendations of the Seville & Spanish Gastronomy providing a variety of places to eat so you can enjoy good food and wine. We also going to introduce some of the typical and creative tapas, and then, feel free to explore, your options for trying tasty treats are limitless, with dozens of tapas bars and restaurant in every street all over the city.

A Tapa in Spain is essentially an aperitif that makes use in most of the bars or restaurants accompanying to the drink. To this itinerant consumption (place, consumption and new place)  is called  tapeo, or to go for tapas. In many regions of Spain it is quite habitual to go out to have dinner or to eat the weekends by means of tapeo, way of usually eating recounted how to sting or pecked.

It usually argues that the etymological origin of the word Tapa comes from the ancient habit of covering the glasses and wineglasses in the bars and inns with a piece of bread or with a slice of ham, to prevent from bringing in flies and mosquitoes, or from settling dust inside.

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