Spain trains, RENFE is the national railway company it  provides passenger and freight transport services, guided by the principle of safety. Seville´s main station is call Santa Justa.

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Renfe Services


The Talgo service offers different possibilities for long-distance travel between major Spanish populations, this product enjoys prestige and it is valued by our customers.

All Talgo have seating positions in areas of Preferred and Tourist, and a cafeteria, music and video.


Madrid – Algeciras

Madrid – Granada

Madrid – Murcia – Cartagena

You can choose between Clase Turista (Tourist Class) or Clase Prefeencte ((Preference Class).

AVE, High Speed Train

High speed train (AVE) Spain

AVE Madrid – Sevilla

AVE Madrid – Barcelona

AVE Madrid – Huesca

AVE Madrid – Valladolid

AVE Madrid – Málaga

AVE Madrid – Cuenca – Albacete

AVE Madrid – Alicante/Alacant

AVE Madrid – Valencia

AVE Málaga – Barcelona

AVE Barcelona – Sevilla

AVE Valencia – Sevilla


High speed train (AVE) Spain-France

Madrid – Barcelona – Marsella

Barcelona – París

Barcelona – Lyon

Barcelona – Toulouse

Santa Justa train station

San Bernardo train station

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