Oktoberfest in Seville

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The Mercado Lonja Barranco inaugurated the Oktoberfest in Seville “The Beer Festival” is one of the historical and cultural celebrations of the German people that takes place in the Bavarian city of Munich, where the best German beers are consumed.

In the Mercado Lonja Barranco would have exclusively Paulaner beer, so we can enjoy authentic German beer 100% barley, official beer Oktoberfest in Munich, jars pint and a quart, and accompany typical products of the German cuisine as shank, the famous German sausages in different varieties, accompanied by sauerkraut, potatoes and salted brezzels.

The Mercado Lonja Barranco becomes especially the purest Bavarian style, from 21st to 25th of October, uninterrupted, will recreate in atmosphere and decor as an authentic Oktoberfest, a festival with music and costumes of the area where all Seville and visitors can enjoy the experience and get gifts beer mugs, and traditional German items.

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