Poster – Seville Easter 2016

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The poster – Seville Easter 2016 was composed and presented by César Ramírez.
The work takes as a protagonist the Virgin of the Waters of the Museum, dressed in Hebrew in forefront. In the composition, there appears an image of the cloak of the Hope of the Macarena from behind entering the door of San Miguel of the Cathedral.

Also, there appears Christ of the Compassion of Santa Cruz, owing to the Year of the Compassion. To its feet, two nuns of the Company of the Cross complete the composition of this cartel of the architect and painter César Ramírez.

One was hoping that the Museum was very present in the cartel, since its author is a brother and archivist of the corporation of the Holy Monday.

cartel semana santa sevilla

The work has been presented in an act that gave beginning spent the 12 of the morning. There attended to the same one, between others, the president of the General Council of fraternity and brotherhoods, Carlos Bourrelier, the president of the Land-bank of Seville, José Luis García Palacios and the Vice-mayor delegated of Major Holidays, Juan Carlos Cabrera.

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