The Alameda de Hercules is an important public garden placed in the historical center of Seville, and because of its antiquity (1574) it is considered the oldest public garden of Spain and Europe. The wide square of the Alameda of Hercules is the most extensive of the public spaces located inside the old town of the city. It is located at the north end of the walled metropolis, near the Guadalquivir on one hand and next to the Macarena quarter on the other.

In December, 2008, several reforms of town planning renovated this area. These works caused a big alteration to the remains of the historical garden which, although neglected, had remained basically unaltered. In the recent works the traffic has been restricted, the soil that was covering the ground during the XX century was eliminated and the fences protecting the pedestals of the columns from the public have been removed. Nowadays, it is a nice big square full Seville life, with lots of restaurants, bars, cafés, playgrounds, and all kind of intinerant markets.

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