The Andalucian Parliament  is, together with the Presidency of the Junta and the Council of Government, one of three organs that compose the Junta of Andalusia, an institution where the government of the community of Andalusia meets. The Parliament where legislature is made. The Parliament of Andalusia is composed by deputies chosen by direct universal suffrage, to represent the people. It was constituted in 1982, after the approval of the Statute of Autonomy in 1981. Its current head office is the ancient Hospital de las Cinco Llagas in Seville.

The Parliament from 1982

June 21, 1982 constitutes the Parliament of Andalusia in the Constitutive Meeting celebrated in the Real Alcázares de Sevilla where don Antonio Ojeda Escobar was chosen by majority as President of the Parliament of Andalusia. Soon, in the meetings of July 14 and 15, don Rafael Escuredo Rodríguez is elected the first President of the Junta of Andalucía.

The Junta of Andalusia is defined as a parliamentary system, based on the principle of the separation of powers, and in which the Parliament plays a fundamental role, in the conception and putting politics into practice, prepared by the Council of Government, and its President is chosen by the parliamentarians. The different political organs act in a frame in which the institutions manage to balance their respective powers. The confidence of the Parliament is necessary for the performance of the Council of Government, a narrow collaboration is indispensable to assure the regular functioning of the public powers of Andalusia. The functions of the Parliament of Andalusia is explained in the article 106 of the Statute of Autonomy.


Among the main functions of the Andalusian Parliament you can find 3 groups:

-Legislative function. To exercise the legislative power of Andalusia, which includes the approval of laws and budgets.

-Control function. To choose the president of the Junta of Andalusia and to control the executive action.

-Function to impulse the executive action. To impulse the governmental action.

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