Due to interest in the environment, the popularity of science, the investigation and conservation of the species the project of the Aquarium of Seville was born. Today it is managed by South Aquagestión. A project showing the aquatic world (fluvial and marine) contextualized in the historical frame of Magallanes trip – around the world, taking as a starting point the Port of Seville, site of the Aquarium.

The Aquarium of Seville opened its doors in September of 2014 with a wide variety of species (about seven thousand) and ecosystems representing the biodiversity of rivers, seas, jungles and oceans of the planet. The aquarium has 35 tanks, and 2 million liters of water. The aquariums where these species live, are themed and acclimated simulating the habitat of the same, offering, in this way, a sensation of immersion in nature to the visiting public.

Opening Hours: from 10:00 to 20:00 hours, 365 days

Rates: Adults 10 euros

Child from 4 – 14 years, 6 euros

Child from 0 – 4 years, 0 euros

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