Sixties music accompanied by a pitcher of “Agua de Sevilla” -a cocktail of champagne, orange juice, spirits and a baroque setting and somewhat kitsch that makes it look like you’ve fully embraced Easter Seville. All this and much more is “The Garlochí” a curiosity to be visited at least once in Seville, near Plaza de la Alfalfa. Madonas and pictures with madonas and not so madonas, as the Duchess of Alba and her daughter Eugenia, angels and altarpieces decorating the walls and a canopy over the bar, are part of this bar visiting from eighty year old dressed gentlemen traditionally, touristy do not know if they have entered into a cocktail bar or in the museum of arts and popular customs or groups of young people in the city. Upon entering an altar that depending on the time of year, worships the Virgen del Rocío, at Corpus Christie or Easter. In Garlochí despite its hiper-religious aspect mixture divine and playful: all kinds of drinks are served, but typically order a blood of Christ, a cocktail for my taste too sweet, with grenadine, pink champagne and whiskey . Garlochí means heart in Caló.

Addess: Calle Boteros, 26, 41004 Sevilla

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