This lovely small white town stretch across the top of a hill, 85km north-east side of Seville, situated at the centre of Parque Natural Sierra Norte, which makes it perfect for exploring.  Cazalla possesses wonderful places to eat and also stay, as well as wonderful walks in the woods surrounding it.

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Consolación. Located at the plaza mayor is a 14th-15th century construction of red bricks and yellow stone. Was seriously damage on the civil war.

La Cartuja de Cazalla. Huge 15th century monastery in a marvellous hidden spot of the Sierra morena. at 4 kilometres of Cazalla. It was built on an Islamic mill mosque, the monastery fell into ruin  in the 19th century. In 1977 it was bought by an art lover, Carmen Ladrón de Guevara who is devoted to restoring it. You can find an art gallery, ceramics workshop, concert hall and a good guest house.


Sendero de las Laderas, ( 8 kilometres – 3 hours, low/medium difficulty)

The trail starts at the Fuente del Chorrito spring in Cazalla and takes us through the area surrounding the village. Along the way we will see olive groves, orchards, livestock and grapevines.
After crossing an area of dehesa pasture-land and leaving the crop fields behind us, we enter a shaded valley with steep walls. The rocks flanking the trail are covered with moss, lichens, small plants, insects and other invertebrates.
The landscape gradually opens out as we approach La Ribera del Huéznar. The trail takes us along a stretch of this river, between the bridges of Tres Ojos (Three Eyes) and Castilleja. The elms, alders and ash trees on the banks provide shelter for a number of interesting birds which feed on fish and insects. The kingfisher, for example, finds abundant food in the river. There are also otters.
We return to the start of the path through dense aromatic scrubland made up of lavender, thyme and marjoram.
As we approach Cazalla we will notice the smell of anis, due to the presence nearby of an anisette manufacturing plant. End of trail.

Horse Riding

You can enjoy a nice horse ride at Cuadras Al Paso, that is run by an experienced local horseman, Angél Conde.

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