It is a nice and terrace for drinks at Calle Betis, on the bank of the river Guadalquivir river. The terrace “El Embarcadero” has a much more relaxed atmosphere than the neighbour terraces. The name comes from a pier that was there and is still preserved. If you sit on one of the wooden benches bar you can enjoy great views of the river, the Torre del Oro and Seville.
The access is a little door (Embarcadero is written above) that is between two bars and is the ideal place to relax with a drink in a place with great views just beside the river and where you can enjoy a cool evening breeze on spring and summer time. Is possible to take a cocktail and almost touch the river water with your fingers at a time.

Address: Calle Betis, 69, 41010 Sevilla

Phone: +34 – 610 727 755


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