La Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador or simply of El Salvador (collegiate church of the Divine Salvador) is the biggest church of Seville after the cathedral and is located in the Salvador square. It is a religious temple of Roman Catholic cult dedicated to Our Lord San Salvador.

In its courtyard you can see hints of the Roman and Visigoth epoch. The building was constructed on the remains of the mosque of Ibn Adabbas, the Major Mosque of the Moslem Seville (IX century); this religious temple, as well as its surroundings, was very important to the people, therefore when the Christians conquered Seville, they allowed it to be used as a mosque, but in the year 1340 it was turned into the parish of the Salvador. Also, it was convenient to maintain the status as the second temple of the city; so the collegiate church character was granted to the building. Thus this building would have religious usage until the year 1671, when the passage of time caused serious deterioration. Its construction, as it is today, began in 1674 under the architect Esteban García, and finished in 1712 under the architect Leonardo de Figueroa.

In the XIX century the Collegiate church of the Salvador saw its economic patrimony auctioned, losing economic funds for the maintenance of the temple, also losing the collegiate church character after the concordat of 1851. In 1860 an important restoration project was carried out. The chapel of the Passion was restored by Juan Talavera of the Vega in 1907. Nevertheless, from 1918 no restoration activity or construction was done until 1987, when small restoration works by the Junta of Andalusia are carried out.

In 2003 it would be submitted again to a heavy restoration, directed by the architect Fernando Mendoza Castells which finished at the beginning of 2008 restoring the temple with part of its splendor. Legally it lost its parochial character, keeping its brother-ship integrated to that of San Isidoro; only the title of “collegial” has been recovered, although not the character of church collegiate church.

Behind the largest altarpiece there is a small museum, where paintings (mainly, of the Seville school of the XVII century) and other artistic objects are on exhibit.

Opening hours:

From Monday to Saturday :  11:00 to  17:30 and then  19:30 to 21:00 hours.

Sundays:  12:00 to 13:30,  15:00 a 19:00 and 19:30 a 21:00 hours.

Mass every day at  20:00 horas. Sundays at 12:30 and 20:00 hours.

Entrance: 3 euros

Fee entrance Mondays at 16:30 hours.

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