“Gourmet Experience”, a new space the offers fine gastronomy gourmet products. With  1,280 square meters and a large outdoor terrace, is one of the jewels of this space overlooking the Giralda and Cathedral Church of El Salvador, the Cartuja and the Metropol Parasol.

Besides its own gourmet area of the shopping center, where has the novelty products that are purchased can be consumed on the spot if desired a total of seven firms prestigious client: Burger Nostra, La Calaca, Amor a la Mexicana, Egaña, (H) arina, Barajas 20 Tapas, 100 Montaditos, Gallery and Amorino.

Gourmet Experience is open 362 days a year, from 10am am to 12 pm Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays; Sunday-opening Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mall, 10 to 22 hours and Sundays and holidays, without opening the center, 12 to 22 hours.

Address: Plaza del Duque de la Victoria, 8, Planta 5, 41002 Sevilla

Phone:  +34 – 954 59 70 00

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