La Torre de los Perdigones or The Tower of the Pellets is a tower which was part of the ancient factory of “San Francisco de Paula”, known popularly as “Factory of Pellets”, it is located in Resolana street, in the quarter of San Gil of Seville near the Barqueta Bridge.

As its name indicates, the smelting factory was one of many which existed in the city and it was dedicated to the manufacture of pellets, bullets and zinc plates, from which later the famous zinc bathtubs were made. It belonged to Manuel Mata and it was created around 1885.

The pellets were made in the following way: as soon as the main material, lead, was obtained, it was melted in ovens, using big ladles it was poured  into sieves of different calibers ( pellets), the windows allowed air into the building and the air currents did the rest, because of gravity the pellets fell  like rain.

During the Expo ’92 the tower was restored thanks to a few famous stores which subsidized the work and in August, 2005 it was finished thanks to the Town hall.

It was inaugurated as “Cámera Oscura” on March 28th, 2007, being a new tourist attraction seeing the city from 45 meters height, almost half the height of the Giralda.

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