History of the descendants of a wealthy duke line who the town was named after, Osuna impress unsuspecting tourists with its fabulously preserved baroque large buildings as well as nice Renaissance monastery of the Spanish filled with valuable art pieces. This surprising tableau reveals like an illusion among an otherwise void landscape, like its architectural cache as well as artistic gems did not mean anything.

From the southeastern side of Seville it is 91km, along A92 Granada- Seville.


Colegiata de Santa María de la Asunción

This magnificent Renaissance structure – a crypt below two churches – from the place where the historical parish church was situated, it overlooks Osuna.  Inside its hall are riches of treasures and fine art accumulated by Osuna House, including Juan de Mesa and Jose de Ribera (El Espanoleto).

Visits are guided by Spanish-language tour, which includes underground sepulcher, made in 1548 as Osunas family vault, whose remains are preserved in the wall niches.

Monasterio de la Encarnación

This previous monastery is presently a religious art museum for Osuna. It church has baroque sculpture as well as art, while on the other hand the cloister characteristics, tiled tableaux expressing different biblical, bullfighting, monastic, seasonal scenes and hunting that are amidst the most magnificent Seville tile works. Access is through a guided tour (in Spanish), led by a resident nun.

Plaza de Toros

Osuna rose into spotlight towards the end of 2014 as an unexpected place where the season five of throne Games would be filmed. The 100 years old Osuna’s Plaza de Toros was used as Daznak’s great pit, Meereen fighting pit, and an estimate of 600 osunense additional casts played the roles of battling slaves as well as observing nobles.

Palacio de los Cepeda

Palacio de los Cepeda in the 18th-century is one of the magnificent mansions Osuna boasts of , situated at the back of its town hall, supported by Churrigueresque columns rows with

Stone halberdiers added at the top holding the coat of arms for Cepeda family.

Museo de Osuna

Palacio de los Hermanos Arjona y Cubas of the 18th-century, Osuna’s museum showcases local relics electric mix, including a perfect reveal on the scholarly prowess of the area.

Palacio de Govantes y Herdara

The Palacio de Govantes y Herdara’s portal possesses twisted pillars which are encrusted with vine leaves as well as grapes. It is 350m to the west of the Plaza Mayor and was also formerly Osuna’s courthouse.

Palacio del Marqués de la Gomera

Palacio del Marques de la Gomera is one of the most elaborate of 18th-century Osuna mansions; it has flashy columns at the front of its building holding the shield of the family on top. It is presently a hotel

Cilla del Cabildo Colegial

The front of Cilla del Cabildo Colegial (1773) has a sculptural works representing Seville Giralda.

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