A nice village of wide cobbled streets, El Pedroso is situated 16km to the southern side of Cazalla de la Sierra which is located at A432 from Seville. The Sendero del Arroyo de las Cañas which is a walking loop pathway of 10km around the flat country western side of El Pedroso,  beginning at the western part of the town opposite the Bar Triana is a very pretty hike in the plaza.

Trail Arroyo de las Castañas, (11,9 km  – 04 hours – medium/low difficulty)

The trail starts in El Pedroso. We pass an oil mill on our right hand side and enter a dehesa landscape where we will see the remains of some old granite quarries and a large granite boulder called a “bolo”. There are also some very complex berrocales (groups of bolos).
We reach the Arroyo de las Cañas stream and follow its course, taking in the oleander, elm, alder and ash trees. When we cross the stream we see cows, sheep, horses and pigs grazing in the dehesa area which opens out before us.

Continuing through this zone of particular interest for its unique vegetation, we pass some farmhouses and come to a stone cross which shows us the way to the Ermita de la Virgen del Espino, a small Mudejar church displaying typical highland architecture.

Passing the Ermita, we go through a eucalyptus forest and follow the trail back to the point of departure.

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