Santiponce is a simple town; it is 6km to the northwest side of Seville (off the A66). It is where the Italica is situated, the most dreaded Roman place in Andaluca, and also the former Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo of Gothic- Mudejar. It is a wonderful day journey from Seville.

Italica was founded in 206 BC, it was the first town built in Spain by the Romans. It was where Trajan the Roman Emperor in 2nd– century AD was born, as well as possible where his successor and adopted son Hadrain was born (he who is of the fence across northern side of England). Although in present times emperors are quite rare, what are left of those eras are spoils of houses erected around courtyard of magnificent mosaics as well as wide paved streets. Italica also include one of Roman’s largest amphitheatres (20,000 spectators).

The most distinguished houses are the Casa del Planetario (planetarium house), the Casa de los Pajaros (birds house), with mosaics that portray the gods representing each day.

Towards Santiponce southern end, this beautiful, two-church past monastery was created in 1301 by the 1294 battle hero at Tarifa whose name was Guzman El Bueno. Over the following centuries it received various religious orders, which included the monks of hermetic Hieronymite who decorated Patio de Evangelistas with unique geometric patterns as well as 15th-century saints’ murals and also Mudejar-style floral. The bible first got translated here into Castilian (1569).

Amidst the monastery’s admirable Spanish collection of art is a beautiful altarpiece by Juan Martinez Montanes of Sevillan in the 17th-century.

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