This is a Municipal Government bicycle service which is managed and maintained by a private company JCDecaux.

Two membership options are available; a weekly pass, purchasable at each of the station kiosks with a credit card at a cost of 13.33 euros, or a yearly pass, requiring an application to be sent to the municipal government at a cost of 33.33 euros .

There are 250 stations and 2500 bikes are available. The stations are situated throughout the inner-city with a distance of around 200 meters between each one. The bikes can be borrowed from, and returned to, any station in the system, making it suitable for one way travel. Each station has between 10 and 40 parking slots to fix and lock the bicycle.

To borrow a bike with a yearly pass, one simply swipes the card at a station kiosk to be personally identified by the system, which then unlocks a bike from the support frame. With a weekly pass, a ticket is printed with an ID number which can be punched in at the station kiosks to identify the user account. Bicycles can be used for the first 30 minutes for free; the next 30 minutes are 1.03 euro. Subsequent hours are 2.04 euros. Hourly rates are discounted from the yearly pass. To return a bicycle one simply places the bike in a spare slot at a station, the bike is recognized automatically and is locked into place. Here you have a link of the official web of the service

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