Carmona from Seville


Carmona from Seville tour, We will discover the main monuments of the city where Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have left a lasting mark.



Carmona from Seville tour, visit the historical center of Carmona and the necropolis located half an hour away from Seville.

We will discover the main monuments of the city called “El lucero de Europa” which directly translates “The morning star of Europe”. Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have left a lasting mark on a place where history lies hidden on every street. Carmona was previously a Roman town which can be evidenced by a number of the town´s Roads and Bridges. In our tour we also invite you to discover the alternative Necropolis which is more than 2000 years old. We will walk from the Alcazar of Seville to the Door of Codoba and the Fortress of King Don Pedro. We will then proceed to visit the Church of Santa Maria where there is the possibility of trying handcrafted olive oil. Visitors, lead by our expert tour guide, will discover an immense amount of historical and artistic heritage in a town that is full of life. You will also be able to experience some fine Spanish cuisine that represents both Andalucian and Sevillian traditions.

Price: €34

Price for children from 4 to 18 and students up to 26 years: €24
Starting point: The starting point is from Seville either at the door of your accommodation or an accessible place nearby.
Pick up time: 9:30am

Duration: 4 hour approx

The tour runs with a minimum group of 2 persons. If for some reason the the tour operator cancel the excursion ( because of the weather conditions or incomplete group ) you got 3 options:

  • Get the total refund of the payment
  • Change the for to another day with a complete group.
  • You can also choose a private tour ( paying the difference of the price).

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