Cofrade City Tour


The Cofrade City Tour. We will visit the Basilica de la Esperanza Macarena, Iglesia del divino Salvador, Basilica del Gran Poder, Parroquia de San Lorenzo and the workshop of the sculptor Jesús Méndez Lastrucci.


The Cofrade City Tour begins at the Basilica de la Esperanza Macarena, where in addition to providing the Basilica itself, the images of the Esperanza Macarena , the Lord of the Judgment and the Virgin del Rosario , visit the Museo de la Macarena , the goods , embroidery and processional Brotherhood . A treasure!

The next stop is the Collegiate Church of the Divine Salvador, central point of the Holy Week in Seville .

Baroque church of great beauty that welcomes in its headquarters Fraternities as Love (with the Borriquita ) , Passion or the Virgin del Rocío, with works by great sculptors of the Baroque as Juan Martinez Montanes and Mesa.

The third temple will visit the Basilica del Gran Poder, where we expect the “Lord of Seville” picture with more devotion of the Holy Week in Seville. We can access the chapel of the Lord and the museum of the Brotherhood , which houses great art.

Built in the fourteenth century in Gothic -Mudejar style , but subsequent reforms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries altered quite primitive style of the church . As originally conceived the temple had the usual three naves of the churches of the time. However, alterations and extensions to which she was subjected been given due transformations of great authority , and at present with five naves separated by square pillars supporting pointed arches which support the decks, trough-shaped with Tank in the nave and veranda on the side ; with chancel and choir square feet.

The main altarpiece , which is composed of bank, two bodies and attic structure by Martinez Montanes which began work in 1632 , Mountaineer transferred to Felipe de Ribas , execution of imagery, sculptures being crucified, San Lorenzo and the angels , the work of Felipe and Francisco Dionisio de Ribas brothers , made ​​in 1652.

Road ends imagery workshop , the sculptor Jesús Méndez Lastrucci . Here we can see how the images of Holy Week are made. It is certainly part of the route that will most surprise visitors.

Languages: Spanish, English and French

Duration: 3 hours, 30 Minutes approx

Price:  40 euros per person, no reduced rates.

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