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Discover all the great things to do and see in Jerez with City Sightseeing. Your ticket is redeemable for 3 months from purchase. Children Tickets from 5 – 12 years.



Discover Jerez with City Sightseeing

Jerez de la Frontera is situated midway between Cadiz and Seville, just a few miles from the sea and the mountains where the land is ideal to cultivate vinyards that produce the World famous sherry and brandy. The city dates back to the Moorish occupation, and even then it was famous for its sweet wines, It is called “de la Frontera” because it once stood on the frontier between the Moorish and the Christian realms. Its wineries and gastronomy are just two of a host of good reasons to visit Jerez including its rich history, traditions and festivals. The city is equally famous for it’s fine horses and exciting equestrian shows, flamenco music and dance and several interesting motor competitions that are also held in the city.

Jerez has an extraordinary architectural heritage dating back to Moorish times and has a charming old town with beautiful tree lined sqaures. Discover the city from the top of an open top double-decker bus. Let City Sightseeing entertain, inform and highlight all the things to do and see in Jerez de la Frontera – situated midway between the sea and the mountains just 12km from the Atlantic ocean in the región Campina de Jerez who’s fertile lands cultivate the many vinyards that produce World famous sherry.

On our City Sightseeing tour you will see the city’s many iconic landmarks including Alcazar – the 11th century Moorish fortress that has now been partially restored, the church of San Miguel and the cloisters of Santo Domingo. Jerez – European Wine city of 2014 is the cradle of flamenco and home to the Moto GP Grand Prix of Andalusia and pre-season F1 trials are held on the Jerez circuit. The city is famed for it’s horseshows with equestrian choreography at its best. There are many historic wineries located in the City and Sherry wine has been one of the most important “ambasssadors” of the region for centuries and is still today a very important industry and attractive reason to visit Jerez.

As a year round destination there are many local traditions throughout the year including Holy Week celebrations, the Spring Horse fair and September harvest festivals – all of which offer a taste of the culture and history of the people of Jerez .
City Sightseeing Jerez provides the best opportunity for visitors to visit all the main attractions and see the best sights from the open top deck of our famous red double deck buses. The tour takes around 45 minutes with 9 bus stops where passengers can hop on and off at their leisure to experience all that this warm and wonderful city offers.

Your ticket is redeemable for 3 months from purchase. Child tickets on this tour are for ages 3 to 12 years. Students require a valid student ID. Senior tickets on this tour are for ages 60+. Unlimited travel applies during tour operational hours.

Plaza Del Arenal
45 mins
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24 hours
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