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2 daily shows, 19:00 and 20:45 hours.

1 hour show.

One hour show of dance, singing and traditional Flamenco Music. The team is formed by two bailaores (dancers, man and a woman) a guitarist and a singer. It is a varied spectacle where it is possible to enjoy only the dance, only the singing and only the music, as well as a merger of all of them in the same stage.

Every day the artists’ cast changes, so one day you will be able to see a few “Alegrias” with robe of tail, shawl or toothpicks, other a solemn “Seguidilla”, a Flamenco “Soleá por Bulerías”, a tragic actor “Taranto“, a few sensual “Tangos” or any other dance style or “Palo“, as we say here. You will be able to see the difference between the masculine Flamenco dance and the feminine one, bailaor and bailaora accompanied by exceptional musicians.
The spectacle takes place in a typical Andalusian capacity courtyard for approximately 50 persons and with a bar at the disposal of the consumer who wants to have a drink earlier or after the spectacle.

The Museum of the Flamenco Dance has turned into a reference place to see a good flamenco show in Seville, Is a Flameco show that is choose by the personalities that visit our city and also by the Sevillian people.
It is provided with the professionalism and the experience of Cristina Hoyos as the Director of the Museum.
The Museum of the Flamenco Dance is unique. It teaches and makes to feel the soul and the roots of Andalusia, of its identity and of its patrimony. It is an interactive museum where it is possible to see, to hear and to touch the flamenco. It surprises for its way of making to experience the Andalusian culture.

Also it is possible to enjoy a guided route in different languages to the Santa Cruz quarter that is included on ticket for the quarter holy cross .”


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Show Hours

19:00, 20:45


Adult, Child 6-12, Student & Senior +65

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Museo del Baile Flamenco