Super Special Treatment – Arabic Baths




Super Special Treatment – Arabic Baths

It is a unique and complete treatment. It includes a small representation of the various treatments offered.

The service consists of consistent thermal path to step through different rooms and temperatures among the Temperate bath, the hot bath and cold. Bath also has the Thousand jets, hammam or steam room, and under the original Roman dome, and also a salt bath.

A relaxing body massage of 25 minutes; head, back, arms, legs and feet.

A capillary nutrition with a mask based on argan oil and honey.

Moisturizing facial treatment that will be applied depending on the particular needs of every skin type.

A special Mire or Chocolate (customer choice) and subsequent exfoliation.

The treatment duration is about 4 hours, of which 150 minutes are the salon treatment, 60 minutes of time baths and lunch / snack.


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Friday to Sunday, Monday to Thursday

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