Tanger From Seville




Tanger from Seville

We will leave the Strait of Gibraltar early in the morning to walk the path about two hours that will take us through the forest rate of the Acorns and put us one step from the African continent

Tangier offers a huge cultural and historical heritage, halfway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, this city hides a cosmopolitan flavor that unites the cultures of Africa and Europe.

If we look at the sea we find the Bay of Tangier and the Straits of Gibraltar; if we look at the other side, we see a motley city that looks to the future enclosed in the white walls of the medina. Tangier is inhabited today by more than one million inhabitants and lives every day with this dichotomy. And while it is true that many modern buildings, the Tangier Med port project and the deafening traffic, intellectuals of yesteryear hardly find the environment that brought them here, some places would not be alien to Matisse and Bowles, and visitors can enjoy both in the medina in front of its magnificent bay, all the delights offered by the city.

By the ferry our local guide at all times will lead us through the narrow streets of the medina to walk for several hours on most picturesque places in the city. After returning to the port of Tangier to put towards the city of Seville, where we arrive at 22.30h

Include: transfer, ferry, Tanger local guide and lunch

Adult: 149 euros
Child from 4 to 18 years: 99 euros
Pick up point: From Seville Centre at your hotel or close by.
Pick up time: 7:30am.

The tour runs with a minimum group of 3 persons. If for some reason the the tour operator cancel the excursion ( because of the weather conditions or incomplete group ) you got 3 options:

  • Get the total refund of the payment
  • Change the for to another day with a complete group.
  • You can also choose a private tour ( paying the difference of the price).

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Adult, Child 4 -18

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